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About the Artist

Antoinette Ferwerda is a mother, a gallery owner and an Australian fine artist known for creating bold artworks with a masterful use of colour and texture. Her wish at 3 years old was to become an artist, and after a rich journey with many twists and turns – studying visual communication, working in the pharmaceutical industry, dipping her toes into the fashion world – she now runs her eponymous Brighton gallery and creates an inspiring output of original artworks. Using her signature collage techniques and captivating eye for colour, her work explores abstract and metaphysical interpretations of the natural world and the wide range of life forms that call it home. Her art is represented in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Berlin. 

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Artistic Process

Working away in her studio behind the gallery, Antoinette creates every artwork with love, finesse and a wealth of experience. The techniques used to set her work apart are as important to her process as her sources of creative inspiration. These careful and skillful steps result in beautifully textured art that heroes colour, depth and flow.

Artist CV


Antoinette Ferwerda, better known around here as 'Nette', is our Principal Artist and Gallery Director.  

Her abstract paintings are somehow familiar and represent personal interpretations of things around her, including the natural world, landscapes, stars, flowers and urban structures. Painting empowers her to connect with a deeper part of herself; something that is instinctive, magical and unique.  

"Art connects people. I love what I produce. If what I paint resonates with people, then that is a powerful, human connection." - Antoinette Ferwerda 


Lara Moisi is our Studio Production Assistant and can take credit for a number of our organisational practices at the studio. An RMIT Fine Arts graduate with a knack for both traditional and digital mediums, Lara joined the team right out of uni to learn under Nette’s wing.  

Lara plays a vital role in making sure art gets produced efficiently and on time. Tackling everything from canvas preparation to photo editing to organising the physical studio space, she’s never met a task she wasn’t willing to try her hand at. Her ability to create streamlined organisational systems and knowledge of art practice help make the studio a beautiful place to work and create in.  

“In using my organisational mind, I have loved helping create an organised space for us to work in, and I continue to enjoy finding new ways to develop the space.” - Lara Moisi