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Championing her love for light, shape, reflection and nature, Antoinette Ferwerda is a renowned Australian artist largely recognised for producing a bold collection of fine artwork that joyfully explores the geometry of shape inspired from the earth below to the stars above.
Antoinette’s backstory reads like something out of an adventure series. Residing in remote pockets of Papua New Guinea, Darwin, and extended periods of time travelling throughout Europe exploring her family heritage, then settling back in Melbourne for her formative years.
Her signature work is abundant with colour and texture, resulting in a transparent quality. Adaptable to any palette with a diversity of spectrums and mediums. Sun soaked, muted and ethereal, metallic, vibrant or monochromatic.
Antoinette’s themes include abstract and metaphysical interpretations of life and the natural world as she explores the magic of her Australian surrounds, season-to-season.
Her fine art and bespoke designs can be viewed in her working studio and gallery in Brighton East, Victoriawith collections selectively available through a range of galleries and retailers both nationally and internationally.

Antoinette uses the highest quality artisan products when creating her mixed media artworks, including acrylic polymer paints, shellac inks and layers of hand-cut, hand-painted collage applied to the highest grade, cotton canvas.

Every original painting is finished with multiple layers of professional artist polymer sealer and conservation UV varnish to fortify, protect and ensure the longevity of your painting. 

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Antoinette Ferwerda, better known around here as 'Nette', is our Principal Artist and Gallery Director. 

Her abstract paintings are somehow familiar and represent personal interpretations of things around her, including the natural world, landscapes, stars, flowers and urban structures. Painting empowers her to connect with a deeper part of herself; something that is instinctive, magical and unique. 

"Art connects people. I love what I produce. If what I paint resonates with people, then that is a powerful, human connection." - Antoinette Ferwerda

Pip Thompson, General Manager at Antoinette Ferwerda Gallery is affectionately known as our ‘Director of First Impressions’. Pip brings a wealth of design, customer service and high end retail experience to the Gallery.

A Graphic Designer by trade, Pip previously owned her own creative businesses, and over the years has managed a number of boutique retail homeware stores in Melbourne. Pip has an innate ability to help select the right art for any interior, helping create beautiful spaces and experiences that are warm and ambient.

With years of experience in interior design and client relationships, Pip brings a trained eye and professional knowledge to both residential and commercial projects.

"Art is so subjective. In my experience, the right piece finds you. It'll speak to you and somehow evoke an emotion." - Pip Thompson 


In a true moment of creative timing and serendipity, Celina joined the team at Antoinette Ferwerda Gallery. An Artist herself and an RMIT Fine Arts graduate, Celina is our Studio Production Manager, working closely with Nette in the studio and Pip in the gallery.

Being part of the AF team means Celina draws upon her diverse skill set and vast knowledge of art production methods, materials and art history which makes her a great asset. This combined with a passion and enthusiasm for visual arts means she is always ready to adapt to whatever tasks are required including studio production, marketing and photo shoots to name just a few. 

Visual art is so fascinating to me, it is like getting a peek into someone else’s head. I am so grateful that I get to be surrounded by art everyday” - Celina Klohk



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