Rebecca Judd | Artistic Wonderland May 29 2015

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Are we not ridiculously spoilt for choice when it comes to Aussie art talent? Oh yes we are, I hear you chant! And right you are! Did I just manage to have a conversation with myself? I think I did?

Anyhow, we have been following (or is it stalking?) the work of Antoinette Ferwerda for quite some time now. You may recognise her gorgeous iconic “Little Hills’ art series with those gorgeous pastel arches that featured in Billie’s nursery on Style School 1? These pieces have also managed to show up in a number of glossy mags and blogs, which is of no surprise given how gorgeous they are!

Well we are excited to announce that things have progressed since then, and there is now a NEW limited edition print series- and you are seeing it here first on RJL today. ‘Coastal Hills’ has emerged in its blissful copper, blush and blue tones, and highlights this artist’s continuing love affair with line and colour.

A background in graphic design has most certainly played a part in helping Antoinette produce her latest range, with strong illustrative techniques to be found in her “Still Life with Passionfruit” and “Still Life with Tequila” pieces. These quirky and bold personality-packed masterpieces in peach and black are bound to add a buzz to any dining or kitchen area!

After the sold-out success of her first solo exhibition at The Ministry or Art last year, we have another show to look forward to this coming November. With a broad scope of work on offer, (including inks on paper, signature painted palm pods, original acrylic paintings) – don’t feel like you have to wait that long to get your hands on a piece! Antoinette’s beautiful limited edition print series (all signed and numbered by the artist and printed on thick archival paper) are available now, and Greenhouse Interiors can happily direct you to a retailer in your city!

When Nette is not painting up a storm, she is busy designing Ninnho’s next towel collection! This is one mulit-talented (and delightful) woman with a wee bit to juggle. Keep up the beautiful work Nette.


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