Series (copy only)

Adaptable to any palette, Antoinette has produced works from a diversity of spectrums and mediums – Sun soaked, muted and ethereal, metallic, vibrant or monochromatic. Rich in layers and abundant with colour and texture, resulting in pieces that are optimistic, luminous and full of stories from her colourful life.
Her themes include abstract and metaphysical interpretations of the natural and man made world. Architectural elements, reflections of water, flora, landscapes and the ever evolving geometry of shape inspired from the earth below to the stars above.
Shifting reflections and quiet moments are distilled in the Axis series. Created with a rhythmic simplicity, the Axis series plays softly with geometry, skewing and tilting the world within.
Nature is in vivid bloom in the Botanical series. Each flower radiates with dramatic layers of energised colour and rich texture. The connection between the natural world and the human experience is brought to brilliant life.
Antoinette’s fascination with finding balance and harmony is revealed in her Hills paintings. Using a controlled palette and repeating shapes she finds a way to transform the landscape into an abstracted idea that is both familiar and highly stylised. 
Combining two signature series the Sanctuary Hills brings a new depth to the Hills, with cascading and flowing water reminiscent of the pools creating new dramatic dimensions to the evolving landscape. 
The Nebula paintings take the viewer into the outer reaches of the universe, where stars explode with boundless energy, splintering the darkness into a fractured rainbow. The Nebula series sets colour and texture on a collision course, creating dynamic work that vibrates with intensity.
Inspired by the ocean & shimmering rockpools this series exploring the depths of the captured sea, blown up to enormous proportions. Water and its reflections are the focus with shimmering shapes dancing over layers of detail.
The traditional symbol of mortality becomes a life-affirming totem in Antoinette Ferwerda’s Skull Series. For Ferwerda, the skull is an emblem of humanity, one that becomes a precious vessel containing the collective hopes and dreams of humankind. Using mixed media and a complex layering of paint and pattern, Ferwerda’s skulls inspire a calm contemplation of that most beautiful gift; life.
Glass-like panels of sheer and layered colour call to mind the refracted light of architectural windows in the Transparency series. Shapes emerge and dissolve in this imaginary 3-dimensional space, where colour, line and form are constantly in play.
Evolving from the Transparency series and encompassing the soft curvature of the signature hills arches, the geometric Gossamer series provides a juxtaposition of linear lines with rounded tops finished with vibrant panels. 
Handmade forms are the subjects of the Vessel Series. Graphic lines and bold shapes describe the subtle beauty of the everyday objects. Whether it is the echo of a thumbprint in hardened clay or a wobbly, undefined edge, broad and descriptive brushstrokes demand attention for these usually unsung objects.