Famous Abstract Art

Antoinette Ferwerda’s famous abstract art works are now available as high-quality prints. Her fine art limited edition prints are produced on superior quality cotton rag paper and created with archival inks at a local Melbourne print studio. Every print is signed and numbered personally by the artist.

To buy our paintings, go to ‘Available Works’ for a selection of current pieces. Or to commission a work specifically for your home please view see ‘Commissions’.

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Browse Through Her Breathtakingly Beautiful Creations To Discover Art with Immense Depth and Realism


The Hills series reveals Antoinette’s fascination with finding balance and harmony. Using a controlled palette and repeating shapes she finds a way to transform the landscape into an abstracted idea that is both familiar and highly stylised.


The Rock Pool series discovers the infinitely small world of the captured sea, blown up to enormous proportions. Water and its reflections are the focus with shimmering shapes dancing over layers of detail.


The Star series takes the viewer into the outer reaches of the universe, where stars explode with boundless energy, splintering the darkness into a fractured rainbow. The series sets colour and texture on a collision course, creating dynamic work that vibrates with intensity.


The Skull series has evolved from The Star series, introducing skulls as a motif to convey the concept of oneness with the universe. The series is a joyful, affirming exploration of our interconnectedness with the cosmos.

Explore Antoinette Ferwerda’s splendid original art online and you are sure to find an incredible artwork at a reasonable price.