Antoinette Ferwerda - Golden Champagne Poppies
Antoinette Ferwerda - Golden Champagne Poppies

Antoinette Ferwerda - Golden Champagne Poppies

This is a unique, original painting.

In the midst of the lockdowns experienced by Melbourne during 2020 - 2021, Antoinette Ferwerda immersed herself in her art studio to create a new generation of large format artworks.

This period marked an opportunity for reflection, reinvention and radical innovation of her mixed-media process. Golden Champagne Poppies is inspired by memories of the artist's grandmother, Elisabeth, and is being exhibited at Ferwerda's own gallery for the Superchroma exhibition.

Delicate blooms and intricately patterned petals explode across the canvas in this artwork, illuminated by a golden halo. Flower heads seem to battle one another for space during a final passionate display of colour and size, this last burst of energy captured on canvas forever, with these blooms never suffering the inevitable fate of their real-life counterparts.


Synthetic polymer paint, ink and collage with UV gloss varnish on canvas

Framed in natural oak with a black painted shadow line

Dimensions: 2040mm x 3040mm


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